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The Lily Lai Foundation has made a generous donation to match gifts made to the Library Foundation by the end of the year, up to $60,000. Please help us answer the growing community demand for Library services and meet this challenge match. Donate before December 31 and your gift will have twice the impact. More people will benefit from life-changing Library services that strengthen communities and innovative programs like those that teach children programming, robotics and electronics.

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Our slogan, Help Minds Grow, is a reminder that your gift to the San Diego Public Library Foundation creates a better future. For curious children learning about life. For ambitious young minds that will someday change the world. For a San Diego that truly benefits from a more engaged and informed citizenry. Our public library system, and your support, make this possible. Just click below to help minds grow.

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Minds grow when they are engaged and impassioned. From literacy and technology to arts and culture, your donation provides the inspiration that creates success. Explore how your giving helps »

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When you support the San Diego Public Library System, you also benefit. From private events and new personal contacts to special recognition, you'll know that your generosity is both appreciated and making a difference. Explore our donor benefits »

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