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Building Literate Families

Erika Sayas joined READ/San Diego’s Families for Literacy (FFL) program in 2004 with the goal of teaching her two young children to love reading.

Since then, her family has grown and now she, her husband and their six children are regulars at FFL programs. As a result, Erica says she is better able to understand her children’s needs and provide support and encouragement. She also feels she communicates more effectively with them and is better equipped to help them with their schoolwork, including using Library resources such as tutoring. Erika works hard to create an environment where her children can thrive.

This program is designed to break the cycle of intergenerational low-literacy, by teaching low-literate parents and caregivers with pre-school children the skills to be their children’s first and most important teacher. Families for Literacy also provides age-appropriate books to help families build home libraries – a critical component for improving literacy for the whole family.