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Evelia Herrerra

The Early Childhood Literacy Workstations at the new Logan Heights Branch Library and North Clairemont Branch Library are helping young children gain a valuable introduction to reading, learning and literacy concepts.

North Clairemont Branch Manager, Sharon Thomerson, reports that the workstation at her branch is always busy. She has seen the benefits of the workstations first hand, with Angel Herrerra, a five-year-old boy who has regularly visited the library for story times and craft programs since he was an infant. Angel was very reserved and quiet. In fact, he had not spoken a word in his many visits to the library. At least not until he started using the special work station.

“I recently saw him leading his mother into the library and he was chatting away like a little bird. Very animated and expressive!” Sharon says. “I asked his mother, Evelia, about this change. She said it was due to the Early Literacy Computer.”