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Library helps get new drone business off the ground

Jamar Williams credits the Library for helping get his business off the ground—literally.

Jamar is CEO and Co-Founder of PromoDrone, a San Diego group pioneering the use of drones to deliver advertising messages. Jamar was working in banking and had an interest in music. He was introduced to drone technology when he used one while recording a music video. He became interested in starting a professional firm that could use drones to capture aerial photography and video.

He realized there was an untapped market for drones to provide promotion but was unsure how to move forward with his ideas. He met Xavier Rodriguez, a retired Marine with helicopter mechanics expertise, who also saw the potential to create a drone design that could hold banner advertising.

Together they created some rudimentary designs in their garage. Early on they paid a 3D printing firm to produce parts, some of which cost $100 apiece. As a start-up firm, Jamar said those costs were becoming prohibitive. Last year, they learned of the Library’s Innovation Lab with free 3D printing and scanning equipment and Library staff ready to help.

Jamar and Xavier spent several months in the Lab printing parts for their design. Jamar said Library staff were supportive. They explained the 3D printing technology and what it could print. Library staff helped the two troubleshoot printing problems and helped them perfect their current design.

This helped jump start PromoDrone. Jamar said they are busy with new clients and the future is bright for their business. In addition to the drone advertising, the firm also can use drones to capture images and video, broadcast high-definition livestreaming views of events and use real-time video for event analytics.

“It all started here,” Jamar said from the Library’s Innovation Lab.

To learn more about PromoDrone, visit HERE.

To learn more about programs like these that help support new entrepreneurs, contact Director of Advancement Natalie Ganz at 619-238-6643 or by email.

PromoDrone's drone with display advertising.
Jamar Williams (left) and Xavier Rodriquez work on parts being printed on Innovation Lab 3D printer.