The San Diego Public Library and San Diego Public Library Foundation are developing a new master plan. The Library Master Plan is being built in collaboration with the Mayor and City Council, the Friends of the San Diego Public Library, and the Library Commission will provide a long-range vision and strategy for the San Diego Public Library facility, technology, and program investments.

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June 2, 2021 Presentation of Library Master Plan Preliminary Findings and Framework


Why is a plan needed?

The current plan, adopted by the City Council in 2002, is outdated and based on assumptions from the 1990 census. It does not consider current technologies or reflect how the Library has evolved and is used today.

What’s already been done?

With financial support from six City Council offices, we began a preliminary planning phase in 2019 and engaged nationally recognized library consultant Group 4 Architecture, Research + Planning, Inc. Group 4 has more than 30 years of experience with library master plan projects nationwide, including in Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, and Cincinnati. Group 4 presented preliminary “Phase 0” findings in December of 2019:

What’s next?

In addition to the Community Survey, focus group meetings were held this spring with populations who may not be able to participate in the Community Survey. Other community engagement opportunities are being explored. A draft of the plan will be shared later this summer with the final plan unveiled in the fall.

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Library Master Plan

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