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Munisa Mohamed-Maawy

Job Searching Success at the Library

When Munisa Mohamed-Maawy first moved to San Diego last year from Nairobi, Kenya, she was excited to start a new life with her recent husband. With substantial managerial and clerical experience, and a Bachelors of Science from the University of Toronto in Canada, Munisa assumed she would have little difficulty finding a new job.

“I sent out more than 50 resumes, and only heard back from a few employers,” recalls Munisa. “I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong and was getting very frustrated being at home all day long. Since I love books so much, a friend suggested I volunteer at the library.”

Munisa visited the North University Community Branch Library – her first library in the United States – and was immediately put to work assisting with shelving and clerical needs.

Several months later, Munisa saw a flier for a free job searching and resume class at the branch library. The class was taught by volunteer Dr. Adolpho Sanchez, a longtime San Diego resident with more than 30 years experience in human resources and staffing.

During her first class, Munisa was amazed by how much information Adolpho offered and how great the differences were between job searching in Kenya and the United States. She has since learned how to create a powerful resume, use the library’s computers to research and apply for jobs and has found helpful library books on job searching and resume building. She also participates in mock interviews with Adolpho and her fellow classmates.

“My role is to give job seekers the tools and training they need, but also to give them hope” says Adolpho, who chose to offer his free program at the library to ensure it was accessible for the entire community. “Looking for a job can be a frustrating experience, but I am always available to help job seekers use the wealth of resources at the library to ensure they are prepared for every step of the process.”

With new knowledge and training, Munisa was prepared to find a job. She recently accepted a teaching position at a private school and credits the library’s free resources and job searching program for her success.