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San Diego Magazine

Misty Jones: “Libraries are the great equalizer”

San Diego Public Library Director Misty Jones speaks of the encounter with a patron that changed her professional life and reinforced for her the critical importance of libraries in the community.


NBC7 San Diego

Library and volunteer print new prosthetic hand

Central Library’s Lend A Hand Club helped design and print a new prosthetic hand for Nick Sissakis.


San Diego Union-Tribune

“First Folio” celebrations announced

The long-awaited San Diego visit by the First Folio, the 17th-century volume that introduced Shakespeare’s collected works to the world, is now barely three months away. And the Old Globe Theatre and the San Diego Public Library, which teamed to bring the book here as part of the Folger Shakespeare Library’s national traveling exhibition, have just announced the full schedule not just for Folio viewing but for the scads of free events leading up to and surrounding its arrival.