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Every library visitor is a story in the making

When you Help Minds Grow, there’s always a story. That’s because libraries are great places to learn new things, gain great insights, be entertained and engage with other people. Isn’t it nice to know your generosity can make such a huge difference in people’s lives? Go ahead and read some stories now, or submit your own with the form below.

High school senior Sasha Horne has taken full advantage of free Library resources since she was young to maintain good grades. Sasha and her family participated in the Admit One College Prep Academy to  successfully navigate the college preparation and application process.

— Sasha Horne

Nine-year-old Calramon Malabot and other members of the Library’s Lend A Hand Club used 3D printing and modeling technology at the Central Library’s Innovation Lab to produce a functional hand for Nick Sissakis.

It made me feel great to help because we used synergy--the process of cooperation.

— Calramon Malbalot

At age 56, City employee Cindy Juarez realized it was time to get her high school diploma. The Library’s Career Online High School gave her that opportunity.

I wish I had done it sooner.

— Cindy Juarez