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Every library visitor is a story in the making

When you Help Minds Grow, there’s always a story. That’s because libraries are great places to learn new things, gain great insights, be entertained and engage with other people. Isn’t it nice to know your generosity can make such a huge difference in people’s lives? Go ahead and read some stories now, or submit your own with the form below.

At the lowest point of his life, Jeff Scarlett found support, a sense of “home,” and motivation to turn his life around at the North Clairemont Branch Library.

Libraries are very important to every community. People are truly blessed to have libraries in their communities.

— Jeff Scarlett

Aide Mata first visited the Library to find a safe place to escape a tough home life. She found resources and support that helped her identify a career path in graphic design.

People are here to help you. They know you and support you.

— Aide Mata

The Library’s Career Online High School gave Kirk Bey an opportunity to deliver on his promise to his dying mother to get a high school diploma.

It took me 38 years, but I did it! My mom is probably smiling down on me right now. I’m blessed that I had this opportunity.

— Kirk Bey