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Every library visitor is a story in the making

When you Help Minds Grow, there’s always a story. That’s because libraries are great places to learn new things, gain great insights, be entertained and engage with other people. Isn’t it nice to know your generosity can make such a huge difference in people’s lives? Go ahead and read some stories now, or submit your own with the form below.

I went from being a career criminal to a productive member of society. It makes me feel great that I’ve accomplished these goals.

— Amelia Sandoval

Sati and her family are at home in the Mission Hills-Hillcrest/Knox Library and the Library provided Sati first schooling and community experiences.

— Sati

Promo-Drone CEO and Co-Foundation Jamar Williams credits the Library’s Innovation Lab  for helping him launch his business that uses drones to help organizations market and advertise.

It all started here.

— Jamar Williams